1.Adjustment rod - 6061 Aluminum
2.Nut - SS41
3.Washer - JISG3131
4.Hardened chromed pistonrod
5.Reservoir tube
6.Flow tested footvalve
7.Adjuster rod
- 6061 Aluminum
8.Cast iron or sintered Piston
9.Seamless drawn steel working cylinder
10.Floating Piston

11.Oil seal - NBR
12.High pressure nitrogen gas
13.Oil seal - NBR
14.Bottom seat - 6061 Aluminum


15.Air jet
16.Bolt - SCM435
17.Top mount - 6061 Aluminum
18.Dust cover - NBR
19.Spring - SEA9254
20.Lower spring seat - 6061 Aluminum
21.Lower spring seat - 6061 Aluminum
22.Seamless drawn steel working cylinder
23.Lower spring seat
- 6061 Aluminum
24.Adjustable lower mount - 6061 Aluminum

Able to Setup Custom Shocks for Customer

Suspension Installation
Download PFD File HERE (3MB)
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This multi-function of product is the top of all types of shock absorbers in the world.
There are 2 adjustment knobs in this unit, one is for adjusting nitrogen pressure and the other one is for adjusting the dampening force.
The compression and rebound can be adjusted separately, and above-mentioned adjustment knobs can be adjusted separated as well; more than 100 damping set up.
This unit comes with a whole set of bleeding tool and pump tool so this kit can be bled or pumped the external nitrogen tank freely to meet customers’ needs.

7 ~ 9 kg/cm2
10 ~ 12 kg/cm2
13 ~ 15 kg/cm2

The coilover comes with gauge which can indicate the pressure of shocks for better setting and verification.
The best part of this item is to extend the amount of oil and nitrogen gas which can increase the stability of the shocks and prevent the shocks from being exhausted after long-term use
This kit is used particularly in Track, Rally, Drifting spec but is available for K-sport dealers and sole distributors only. This product for any model of vehicles can be customized.

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